Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A graphic style of painting

The Orphanage by Alisa Perks
Image: The Orphanage (detail), a painting by Alisa Perks

        My artwork is often  
        described as graphic 
        in its style.

        I like to use bold outlines
        in some works, with a
        simplified version of
        the subject.


  1. Hey Alisa, I love the way you simplify your shapes, they really capture the essence of your subject matter.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Trish. I love your Tissywoo art style, too. Your blog is great fun.

  3. Now, now, Miss Perks. This is far too brief a blog post. I beg you wax more lyrical on why you paint in such a singular and charming fashion.

  4. Come come, Mister Bond! You'll be pleased to find that I have become a tad more wordy since this post.