Monday, 16 November 2015

Protecting peaches from fruit fly: More ideas

Dear Readers

Here are some further tips to add to my previous post about making organza bags against fruit fly attack on the peach tree:

I've started to use nylon bridal netting for these bags now, instead of organza. Netting is much cheaper than organza and does the same job. It's that coarse netting, not the fine tulle used for bridal veils.

The netting I've used for my latest bags only cost $2.99 per metre. The netting comes in a range of colours, and I think this is important, as it looks festive and pretty having coloured bags all over the peach tree. They look good and serve the brilliant purpose of protecting developing peaches against Queensland Fruit Fly! They also safely keep birds and flying foxes away from the fruit, as the netting is too fine for them to get tangled in it.

Below are instructions for you to make your own anti fruit fly bags:

Image: How to make your own fruit fly exclusion bags out of nylon netting.
Nylon netting doesn't fray, so there's no need to finish off raw edges or hem around the opening of the bag. These fruit fly bags take only minutes to make. Tie them onto the branch with a strip of old t-shirt fabric or some other scrap of stretch fabric.

Happy food-growing! Talk soon.

PS. I have made fruit fly bottle traps to protect uncovered peaches, but I'll let you know if they worked or not in a later post. They contain yummy Vegemite.

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