Friday, 18 December 2015

Best wishes for 2016

Dear Readers

Wishing you all the very best of good fortune, health, happiness and peace
for 2016.

I guess it's obvious what I decided to bake for the festive season: gingerbread! These are deliciously spiced, with that special flavouring from golden syrup, too. They need to soften for a week or so, then they will be ready to eat. PfeffernΓΌsse are like that, too. They're like rocks when you first bake them, then they soften up beautifully after a week or two sitting in the tin. These are iced using royal icing.

Mr Biscuit and friends are putting their heads together to try and dream up a
peaceful New Year for everyone.

See you again in 2016, with more ideas and fun!
Image: Mr Biscuit and friends are dreaming up a peaceful 2016.


  1. So cute Alisa! I love these ginger bread people. I think I may need that recipe please. Seasons Greetings and Happy 2016 to you.

  2. Thank you! You know what, though....the gingerbread is still like a rock. I nearly broke a tooth on it. Too much sugar in the recipe, I think (Donna Hay recipe). Mind you, it suits me quite well to have these gingerbread being so sturdy, for secret artistic purposes to be revealed at a later date!