Saturday, 16 April 2016


Hello Readers

Some of my art is for the purpose of illustrating books or CD covers, and some of it gets projected behind plays on stage, which is very exciting.

The illustration below shows the cover design I did for a CD of the musical, "Everest, the Musical". This piece of musical theatre, by Robert Thompson, is a fabulous comedy containing "romance, danger, ice and snow". A deadly combination indeed. In this cover design, Marmaduke, the hero, finally locates Mount Everest after much journeying and trudging alongside his faithful companion, Godfrey.

Marmaduke Finds Everest, by Alisa Perks. Gouache on paper
Image: Marmaduke Finds Everest by Alisa Perks. Gouache on paper.
PS Right now, I am working on a book with pictures and not much writing, and I'll show you more about it when the time comes. Mysterious.......

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