Saturday, 21 May 2016


Eucalyptus trees grow in unpredictable forms. The snow gum grows in twisted, tortured shapes. In the New England region of New South Wales, where I live, the high country eucalypts (gum trees) such as snow gums have a haunting beauty. They often have sheeny, silver trunks and branches and silvery grey-blue leaves. 

When I lived on the coast, I didn't recognise the beauty of eucalypts. There, they often grow very close together so they don't get to show off their shape like a specimen tree. I now see their beauty and their subtle grandeur.

I painted the image below inspired by rows of eucalypts bordering high-altitude paddocks; their colour becoming softer with greater distance.

Trees by Alisa Perks, gouache painting on paper
Trees by Alisa Perks, gouache painting on paper.

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